Aluminum Works by JD

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Joe's "Quiet Riot" river racer, built from scratch as his college senior project.


I grew up on a rural farm/ranch and started learning early on how to fix and customize things to work better for me. I received a B.S. degree in Manufacturing Engineering, where I learned a lot about metallurgy and fabrication. I worked at a marina while going to college, and I modified, repaired and rebuilt many styles of recreational, fishing and work boats. During this time, I also built an all-welded aluminum sprint boat that my family fished, raced and water skied out of for many years. I've been fishing my whole life from Kokanee lakes to offshore tuna, and that really helps me to understand the needs and demands of North West boating. I enjoy and take pride in my metal working and hope to assist you in getting the most from your time on the water, whether it's your working guide boat or just a car topper that gets used a few times a year.